President Barack Obama Newspaper Headlines Collage

When Barack Obama was elected as the new American President, the Newspapers pictured him with so many different Headlines accompanying. The Giant Obama Collage is a result if that.

This President Barack Obama Mosaic was created using over 600 Newspaper Headlines of November 5, 2008. With the election subject on everyone’s mind, the Newspapers were ready and flooded the world. It is great that someone found a great alternative to reading the papers and simply making some Barack Obama Art. I know is created with easy to use mosaic software or something, but c’mon, it looks great.

Obama is a definitely popular, for this is not the first (or the last) we will some creative piece made of this new American figure. We have seen some other versions, such as the 16 different Barack Obama Figures, Super Barack Obama World Game, and even a sneak peek into perhaps will be Obama’s New Ride.

Via: Neatorama Via: ONM