Green Mobile Chargers Rating System

Did you know a new rating system is about to released for mobile phones? The star rating system is to let you know how good the mobile phone charger is for the environment. The Environment is important for us, so the new Green Rating System is a great green idea like the Green Home, Air Compressed Car and also the Space Efficient Smart Car.

If you’re into tech gadgets, then you’re likely to be in to the environmental movement as well, since both of these are revolutions of our time. So, what better way to go green with your mobile recharger than to use a rating system that lets you know how much energy you’re using?

This new system of rating was developed by LG, Nokia, Motorola, Samsung Electronics and Sony Ericsson. The way the star rating system works is by giving a charger a better rating depending on how much energy is saved when the charger is plugged in. I think this is a neat idea since most of us either forget to switch off our mobile chargers, or are too lazy to do it.

The star rating system begins at a level of zero stars, signaling the least efficient energy use, to five stars for chargers that are more energy efficient. On this scale, if you’re charger takes more than 0.5W with no load, then it is degraded to no stars. Tipping the top of the scale, a 5-star rating implies that the charger is burning less than the stipulated minimum – 0.3W.

The rating system is more important than it appears because it actually lets you make a contribution toward a green environment. The makers of the system say that most people leave their chargers plugged in with no-lead attached, and this translates into wasted energy. With the ratings system on mobile phone chargers, hopefully it will let you pick up a better rated charger.

But you know what would be the best way to help the environment – to turn off your mobile charger, when you’re finished with it. It sounds simple, but maybe we’re so used to having technology take care of us that we’d rather have technology turn off our gadgets as well.

Source: Gadget Venue