USB Heating Shoes

Here’s another great all-time USB gadget for all those who are into these really neat items that fit into you’re laptop’s USB port. Prepare to be Amazed. It’s the USB Heating Shoes! no, not the USB Heated Gloves, but shoes.

Now, you can put on these pink or blue shoes -depending on your choice of colors – and plug it in to your USB port for some really cozy feet. And this is not just for the winter. You can use it wherever you want as long as your laptop goes with you. It just might make a nice addition to bring to a campfire, if you decide to work late outdoors.

USB-heating shoes

An advantage to these shoes is that they are also powered by batteries, just in case you want to walk about in them without being connected to a laptop. Yes, such an incident might be unthinkable but nonetheless, the need might arise.

Turning to the specifications on the USB heating shoes, here they are:

Comes with a separate foot warmer

Warming pad that generates heat using a USB port or External Power (3 x AA Batteries for each box)

Able to control temperature

Adjustable heating: High, Low

Cable with length of 120cm

Ideal for defrosting your feet during winter

In case you’re wondering about the price of these rather unusual shoes, Brando sells them for $29.

Besides the USB Heated Gloves, there is also the Fan Keyboard for heat or Cold.

Source: GeekyGadgets