Text Messages Art: SMS Conversations

We all Text Message our friends and family. We may have tried to ignore it, stay away from it, or curse it, but the SMS art has creeped up and became an intricate part of our daily lives.

The following is a list of 19 different Text Messages from separate SMS conversations that were embroidered and turned into art. The great thing is not only the text message is embroidered, the font art is apparent, the message icon is included, the time of the SMS and even the reception and battery bar.

To keep it somewhat organized, I added the entire 19 Text Messages listed in order of time, but it is not necessarily the correct order. Unfortunately the Yadda Yadda Yadda is not included.

Thanks to our friends GingerAnyhow for all their images and fun contact.

Note: at least one uses profanity…so precious eyes beware.

1:29 AM

2:03 AM

2:26 AM

2:55 AM

3:16 AM

4:48 AM

12:57 PM

1:54 PM

2:32 PM

2:38 PM

3:20 PM

6:00 PM

8:57 PM

9:24 PM

10:34 PM

10:52 PM

10:52 PM (2)

11:31 PM

11:34 PM