Han Solo USB Flash Drive is Frozen in Carbonite

The Frozen Carbonite Han Solo has always shocked Star Wars fans and the rest; it is a great scene from the movies and also a dramatic one. This Han Solo recreates that Frozen Carbonite scene and right in time as a Christmas Gift.

I am not sure if it is just Han Solo’s cocky attitude or maybe his inability to pay collectors, but when he was frozen in Carbonite and shipped like parcel throughout the galaxies was a ‘WTF’ part in the Star Wars saga. In this Star Wars USB Flash Drive, he is never unfrozen, but at least grants some practicality with a cool collectible.

It may be a little larger than other drives we are used to, but the sentiomental value is a plus. We have also seen Han Solo Frozen in the Boba Fett Statue, but there Han was just a dead figure that is more of a background setting.At least he isn’t made fun of like the Darth Vader Bobble Head.

This Star Wars collectible is available at Etsy’s for $25 for a 1GB drive.

Via: SlipperyBrick