LED Blow On Off Candle Lamp

With so much of artificiality and heaps of tech substitutes around, any resemblance to natural stuff is refreshing. Candles were one of our resorts before Thomas Edison hatched the bulb, so these LED Blow On Off candles are here to remind you about the good old days.

The flame’s controls are just a ‘Blow’ away. It has an edge over the usual candles as they turn off when you blow but this one will blow on. There is a master on/off switch at the bottom that helps your realize the ‘blow’ controls.

A blue and yellow flame is what we have to choose from. I wonder why the makers didn’t think of introducing the VIBGYOR scheme here. No solar inputs here, 3 AAA batteries provide the necessary juice for as much as 300 hours. Bizarre, huh? They retail in the price bracket of $11.99 to $14.99.

This one surely joins the league of unconventional lighting devices with Elephant Lamp, the Candle Lamp Concept and the Rainbow LED Lamps.

Technabob Via ThinkGeek