Police Siren Alarm Clock

I’ve always loved those police sirens screaming on late night TV shoes of the ’80s like SWAT, Hill street Blues and Police Woman. Now there is an alarm clock gadget that is just that – a police siren.

A cool gadget indeed and Kudos to the inventor. But wait. There’s more. The Police Alarm Clock also has a cop yelling at you to wake up – how much better can this concept get? This is the ideal gift for yourself to appease the convict in you. It gives you just the right umph to get up and run every morning.

The Police siren keeps going until you shut off the alarm clock. It comes with a digital display and has a 5-minute snooze feature – just enough time for you to break out of bed.

Unfortunately, the priceless items are all sold out at Things You Never Knew Existed. But don’t forget to keep an eye out as a possible Christmas Gift – these hot sirens may make a comeback just in time. Can’t Wait!

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