Download Fedora 10 OS for Free

Fedora 10 Screen Shot

The much awaited Fedora 10 Download has finally been released to the public. It’s a Linux-based operating system that showcases the latest in free and open source software; Free to use, modify and distribute and is built by the people across the globe who work together as a community: the Fedora Project.

The change log information provided the major change and logs that makes Fedora 10 Download shiny on the market.

Fedora 10 boot-time

Fedora 10 includes multiple boot-time updates, including changes that allow for faster booting and graphic booting changes.

GRUB:It’s no longer shown at startup, except on dual-boot systems. To bring up the GRUB menu, hold the Shift key before the kernel is loaded. (Any other key works but the Shift key is the safest to use.)

Plymouth: It’s the graphical boot up system debuting with Fedora 10.

Faster booting: Fedora 10 gets a faster boot from improvements in process start-up.

Multimedia Support:

This time the boy has come more stronger with all possible support for both audio and video graphical programs such as Brasero, GnomeBaker, and K3b. Console programs including wodim, readom, and genisoimage. Graphical programs are found under Applications → Sound & Video.

Wait the feature is not over yet it supports Screencasts, Extended support through plugins, Infrared remote, Glitch-free PulseAudio and more.
Fedora Desktop

The Fedora 10 desktop interface consists of Better Webcam support, Plymouth graphical boot,Infrared remote support, Bluetooth BlueZ 4.0 support.

Full Support for Gamers, Scientists, and Hobbyists: There are also many additional games that span every major genre available in the repositories, Amateur Radio.

Features and Fixes for Power Users:

Firstaidkit is a fully automated recovery application that makes subsystem recovery easier for technical and non-technical users. Firstaidkit is designed to automatically fix problems while focusing on maintaining user data integrity. It is available in rescue mode, on the Fedora Live CD, and on running systems.

This list goes on and on as it support for every kind of users looking for something extraordinary.

Now i can guess on what you are expecting from now, yes the download is offered both from direct file server and torrent based transfer. We provided both the links for you go grab it and enjoy your stay with your desktop.

Download Fedora 10 Here

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