Musical Christmas Ornaments Starring M&M’s

These M&M’s Christmas Ornaments aren’t just colorful but are also musical which could add a lot of life to your Christmas Tree this Holiday Season as great New Gadgets.

The M&M’s candy that we love to eat anytime of the year is making a special appearance in the Red and Green Holiday colors to put a song in our home. The two sing different songs: Red candy ornament sticks to “Holly Jolly Christmas” and the Green Chocolate sings an old favorite “Rockin’ around the Christmas Tree”. In addition, as they fill the house with music and joy, their eyes light up, providing some additional light.

With so many different Christmas Ornaments to choose from, such as the Star Wars Characters Christmas Ornaments, the R2-D2 and C3PO Christmas Decorations, and the Snowman Ornament Flash Drive, it is great to see some of these Cool gadgets also provide some music.

Via: 7Gadgets