Lego Figures of You: Go Miniman Go

For their 30th Anniversary, Lego has created a great Miniman video showing the various Lego creations and Figurines interacting with each other. In addition, they allow you to join the celebration by adding yourself to a video, becoming a Lego Figurine and being part of the growing family.

Lego has created a great section in GoMinimanGo where you may explore the company’s History, Google Themes, and additional fun information. Similar to the Lego Figures Timeline, this is a great marketing concept like the M.C Escher Remake Lego which shows the greatness of this company in continuing to a simple toy which fits even today.

The bonus in their site is the place where you can enter the video yourself. Lego allows up to 3 images to be inserted, which could be different version of you, your pets, friends, relatives or anyone else you wish to add, so you become pasrt of the Lego cast which just look so Happy.

Via: Urlesque