Creative Paper Craft Designs – Modern Origami

The Following Creative Paper Craft Designs are spectacular modern-like Origami. Some of these provide a realistic look, others present a Kinetic feeling, and some could be telling a story. The entire collection consist of 15 different paper craft art pieces from our friends at WebUrbanist.

I always mention my love of Technology and Innovation, but every now and then, some great design is presented that makes us proud that someone is still using a different method, such as Paper. Paper craft is not something new, I mean we all heard of Origami. There was a nice combination of Electric Origami that was made and even a Paper 3D Printer, but these do not belong here.

These images are of Creative Paper Craft Designs that should definitely be appreciated. In fact, I think these belong at an Art Gallery just like every other worthy Art Piece.

Lifelike Sculptures

Image: Bert Simons

Moving Parts

Image: Kamikara

Paper Monsters

Image: Eric Joisel

Paper Insects

Image: Brian Chan

Playful Paper Sculptures


Image: Peter Callesen

There is more where this came from. You can check out the entire display at the original post – Papercraft Creative Paper Art Design Scupltures.