Robot Gorilla Ashtray

Although I am not one to condone smoking, this Robot Gorilla Ashtray is a great accessory for smokers.

This combination of an Ashtray and a Gorilla is one thing, but the addition of a Robot within the mix is an added bonus. I mean, who doesn’t like Robots, especially when they are of animals? We all remember the Talking Robot Giraffe that loves to entertain, the Realistic Robot Dog, or even the cute Robot Turtle which may be slow but steals your heart.

Besides the obvious practical features of a nice sized ashtray, this Robot Gorilla also smokes through its eyes and nostrils. Leave your cigarette burning while taking a sip of your coffee, and the smokes moves through the Gorilla’s head to provide some added cool smoke features.

Ok, so if you do not smoke, it is still a great accessory for your Coffee Table Design which can be used for M&Ms, mixed nuts or just for looks.

Via: NerdApproved