Map Favorite Web Content via PostMapper

Have you heard of PostMapper? Well, you may have not guessed this, but PostMapper = Social Bookmarking + Google Maps. This is a Brilliant Idea – to have a map of your favorite stuff including photos, web pages, blog posts, and anything else that can be reached via a web address.

What will they think of next?

PostMapper is your place to share and search for geographically oriented web content; you might consider it a means of social bookmarking – but right on a map.

Although most of us use bookmarks in Firefox, or IE, users of PostMapper are able to organize their web content by location, and they would end up saving these to their own map.

This is fantastic! ‘Cause if you’re looking at fun things to do in California, you can turn to your map of California and you would have all of the ‘fun things to do’ web content available. When you have a sense of where things are happening, it gives you a new sense of discovery, and that’s what PostMapper is all about.

By using an option to hide the Postmapper Info Bar, bloggers can make their own blog post maps and navigation menus that are based on an embeddable postmap.

Although everyone is allowed to search on PostMapper, posting is limited to registered users -the site is free to join. By using a ‘bookmarklet’ while browsing, clicking it and giving it a location, you are successfully on your way to creating a map of your favorite content.