Lego and Apple New Gadgets Design

Lego designs merged with the Apple computer is a neat new gadgets concept, and something that I wouldn’t have ordinarily thought of. The fun part of concept gadgets such as the Cellphone Concept Design we have previously seen, is that the designer can make them look really cool; they don’t have to worry about practicality in their design. The technology usually allows for a way for the product to be built around the design.

And that’s essentially what the Lego and Apple combination is.

These concept creations combining Lego with Apple products create some really crazy-looking gadgets, but the more Lego that goes into an Apple, the more boyishly clever it looks. The tri-screen laptop above is neat with two extra screens on the sides. The end result is one massive screen that extends the view of your laptop screen.

The first of these Lego inspired computers to be outed was the LMac desktop. And guess what? It actually allows you to build it. Can’t get any cooler than that. And you can go as far retro as you want with the LMac design shown below:

Source: GadgetVenue