Visual Explorer Internet Browser from BlueG

Visual Explorer Snap Shot

This decade gave us so many new Internet Browsers for PC and mobile devices; this month a shiny new browser name “Visual Explorer” from BlueG was released. Although there was such previous hype about Google Chrome, the security and vulnerability issues let us look at different Browsers in wonder and hope.

The Visual Browsers team claiming that Visual Explorer is what web users have been waiting for are getting up and ready, hoping to deliver.

Visual Explorer is a full-featured Internet Explorer-friendly web browser that comes with advanced privacy and security features. Sme of the unique features are

One-Click Google searches
Support for Internet Explorer’s browsing history and favorites
Advanced download manager

BlueG’s Creative Director Darren Bond Says “With Visual Explorer users can also print web pages precisely (WYSIWYG) as they appear on screen. Visual Explorer captures the ‘real’ page as viewed by the user and sends this to the printer with the usual print preview facility. No other browser does this.”

Visual explorer also has a phishing filter feature checks website addresses as they are typed but I don’t know why it’s claimed to be a unique feature from their point of view. The Visual Explorer Browser runs smoothly on Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP and Vista and its available for download at VS Site.