Gadgets Tetris Blocks Ice Tray for Video Games Fans

Tetris Blocks Ice Tray for Video Games Fans

Put some Tetris Blocks Ice cubes in your drink to combine your love for Video games and Cold Beverages.

The Iceblox created by Czech designer Martin Žampach is a playful tray, which makes ice in various geometric and Tetris Blocks shapes. No more would you have to clank your glasses with boring ice cubes, and once you have them ready, you could entertain bored guests at your party with the popular Tetris Blocks everyone knows and loves, keeping them occupied like the popular and Classic Video Game always has.

We bet they would want more to drink, or may just go ahead and grab those these novel ice blocks to see them melt and turn from perfect Tetris Blocks figures in to formless puddles of cold water. The IceBlox is a throwback to the era of retro video games and would definitely appeal to the ones that seek a change, and not monotony.


The IceBlox is made of 100% food grade silicone and you could use this to bake your mini cakes or biscuits too, and add excitement to your party. It is available in many colors and costs only $9.99 at

Via: BookOfJoe

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