Colorful Balloons Tank Design

This Tank Design is amazing with all its colorful Balloons, but I must admit I would have never even thought of such a creation.

The Pink Tank which I used to think would be perfect for Tank Girl has now went down to second place. The reason is that this Tank made entirely of Balloons from Ingesidee seems like a better fit for a girl. True, she wouldn’t be able to hold off many enemies (if any), it isn’t Bullet Proof like the Obama Cadillac Tank, and isn’t a stylish ride like the Hummer Tank.

Ok, so I changed my mind back. Tank Girl may enjoy looking at it, but the thought of owning it would not even cross her mind. She would probably prefer the foes would use such, so she could literally blow it up. On another thought, it could simply be a party prop…nothing more nothing less. Ok, we found the only practical use.

Via: NotCot