Pipeline One Artistic Desk Design by Lee J Rowland

English designer Lee J Rowland has unveiled the ‘Pipeline One’ Artistic Desk Design. The designer desk is part of a larger series, which intends to capture the disturbed fluid surfaces as realistically as possible.

In order to present this Realistically, Lee has used advanced polymer engineering and materials such as deep aqua tint UV stable polyester resin. The designer plans to launch many more as part of the series and one could expect to see more avant-garde designs which stay firmly rooted realism.

The Pipeline One looks almost like a wave stopped midway and could be used in luxury hotels, lobbies, offices and even nightclubs and bars like the Touch Sensitive Table. It would look good in the lobbies of corporate head offices and even in shopping malls such as an Interactive Table, which are targeted at high-end customers. The Pipeline One’s functionality is such that it could even be used as a place to keep your desktop if you are feeling extravagant.

Lee’s idea of the wave series is that the photograph of the finished product must be indistinguishable from the snapshot of a splash of water or pool, or even a wave. The Pipeline One starts from £28,000.

Courtesy Lee J Rowland