Nightmare Before Christmas Gadgets and Designs

The Nightmare Before Christmas movie is a classic film that remains etched in our heads many years after it was released. The combination of the characters, storyline, artwork and music has provided an entertaining movie that can be seen over and over.

Below we have assembled a list of some Cool Nightmare Before Christmas Gadgets, Designs and Various Releases that were brought out to the public and grant us another way to profess our love for this amazing flick. We know there are many more Jack Skellington creations, more Christmas Gifts, and plenty of additional Nightmarish designs, but they just couldn’t all fit here, so we had to put a stop somewhere.

If there is something of Nightmare Before Xmas that is so amazing and should have been included, please share it with all our readers in a comment below.

Jack Skellington Replica

Standing at 12 inches, this amazing Jack Skellington Replica gets its own coffin and different facial expressions of the major hero of Nightmare Before Xmas. Even the coffin looks great with its silk lining.

Bottle Cap Belt

A fashionable belt that is made of different bottle caps designed with the Nightmare Before Christmas characters, drawings, and images. A cool Christmas Fashion Item from CreativeRampage.

Jack Skellington Mosaic

Jack made of Jacks and Nightmares…seems fitting. A cool mosaic from PetPrints of Jack Skellington made of many different images from the Nightmare Before Christmas Movie.

Jack Skellington Lamp

What better way to see your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas character everyday? This Jack Skellington Branded Lamp is old fashioned and displays the lovable hero with his stitched smile and design.

Nightmare Before Christmas Guitar Pick Earrings

These great earrings from TheJewelryDream are made of guitar picks and provide different Nightmare Before Xmas fashion items to choose from. There is the Oogie Boogie, Sally, and more.

Jack and Sally Wind Up Toys

Cool childish Christmas Toys with Jack and Sally from Voga. Don’t they look cute together? Wind ’em up and see them go.

Nightmare Before Xmas Lunchbox

Now this could be a Christmas Gift that can be used over and over throughout the entire year. I myself never used a lunchbox, but I wouldn’t mind using this particular Lunchbox when going to the office. Actually, with this Jack and Sally item, I would be proud.

Jack Skellington Tiffany Design

Similar in style to the Jack Lamp seen above, this great Lamp Design seen at NerdApproved is a beauty. It could be the raw design, the straight lines, or perhaps just because it presents the wonderful character from the film so distinctly.

Jack Coffee Mug

Drink your daily morning coffee with this Nightmare Before Christmas Coffee Mug. A simple Christmas gift that cannot really disappoint, for it is practical, cute, and inexpensive.

Branded USB Flash Drive

This Jack Skellington Disk on Key we seen at Cutie Gadget is as simple as needs be. A convenient USB Flash Drive that has the Nightmare Before Christmas stamp of approval right on it for fans worldwide.

Jack Skellington Night Light

If you woke up in the middle of the night and saw Jack’s head looking at you, would it comfort or scare you like the UFO Night Lamp? This Jack Skellington Night Light is a great Holiday Gift for the home that brings a nice character from the movie to any room in the house you wish.

Glow in the Dark Nightmare Before Christmas Plush Toy

Forget about Teddy Bears and Teletubbies, for this Jack Skellington Glow in the Dark Plush Toy will scare all the monsters away. At 18 inches, it is a nice sized plush doll that could help adults just as much as it would help kids.

Nightmare Before Xmas Plush Keychain

Although a little big for a keychain, this plush Jack Skellington head holds your keys and has flashing eyes. Heck, you can always hang it on your rearview mirror if it is too large for your pocket. It is available at

Glowing Desk Weight

Jack Skellington is bright and stands tall on a tombstone in this Desk Weight from This could be a practical Christmas gift for the executive that wants to still be attached to the things and movies he/she loves.

Mobile Light

This frightening Mobile Light seen at Gizmodo is a beautiful light source for any room in the house. Designed with Nightmare Before Christmas designs, it shines your room with different images seen in the movie.

iPod Nano Cover

If you happen to own the previous iPod Nano, then this Nightmarish Nano Cover is a great pick. Jack takes both front and back designs and will be with you everyday when you listen to your music player.

Nightmare Before Christmas Blu-Ray DVD

So we have seen the movie before, but with Blu-Ray Technology we can watch it again the way it should be. For some it doesn’t matter, but a few would definitely want the experience of the movie in Blu-Ray, so nothing is missed.

You can find yours at Amazon

Portable Media Pouch

A great designed pouch from Randumosity that would fit many portable media players, some cellphones, and even PDA’s. It is simple and stitched with the Nightmare movie in mind.

Disney MP3 Player Stick

Although most of us already own MP3 players or listen to music using our cellphone, this Music Player is a wonderful collectible gadget of the film. Good Ole’ Jack Skellington poses on the back in a nice form, the dark colors, and mickey mouse buttons make it a great Christmas Gift for the kids (or adults) that are major fans of the movie.

Oogie’s Revenge for Playstation 2 or Xbox

This Playstation 2 Nightmare Game features the cast of Nightmare before Christmas. It may not be for the newest Playstation platform, but those that are fans of the game, may still love to play as the featured characters. If you own an original Xbox, then you can find that version as well here.