Cellphone Jammer Key Stops Driving and Talking

This new Cellphone Jammer Key tool is great for parents, but maybe not so good for teens. Yes, adolescents love their cellphones and they probably use it a lot more than adults (especially while driving). We all know that!

But the Key2SafeDriving utensil is one tool that keeps a driver from having freeway concentrations and decreases the incidence of accidents from talking while driving.

Maybe it’s not the best era to be a teenager with so many tech gadgets putting restraints on teen fun, but this definitely ensures safer driving. The Key2SafeDriving tool combines a key fob with a Cellphone Jammer. Essentially, the way this works is when the key portion of the tool flicks out, signal blocking of the cell phone kicks into action. It connects to a handset using Bluetooth or RFID technology and puts the cellphone on “driving mode.” Although this does not actually jam the phone, the ringer is bypassed, and the caller will receive a message informing them that you’re intently concentrating behind the wheel.

However, one option that still exists while using these so-called jammers is the handsfree devices to take your call. There is a design that actually puts a Built-IN Bluetooth Headset inside the cellphone, so that you don’t leave it behind, while you’re driving.

And for those of you who are into bikes, here’s a Bluetooth Helmet DIY that lets you place bluetooth earpieces inside your motorcycle helmet, when you’re on your leisure ride.

Source: Engadget