Who Says A Baby Can’t Twitt?

The Kickbee was built by one excited father-to-be Corey Menscher, and he should be proud of it. With Kickbee, he is able to extend his baby’s little movements by sensing movements and transmitting them to digital networks such as Twitter.

And there’s something very special about an expecting mother’s tummy and a mystery behind a child in a womb – it’s no wonder that so many people want to touch a pregnant mommy’s belly. Kickbee is a device that makes Menscher aware of his baby’s movements and the frequency of the movements. This is also a good way to track the health of the developing fetus.

This information is then updated on twitter, which is a microblogging service. The sensors are piezos that are held together on an elastic band. The piezos are connected to an arduino mini board that connects to a host computer using Bluetooth. A Mac, which is the host computer performs all the twittering. Ingeneous for an expecting dad!

The KickTrac, the Laks Baby Boom Watch, and the DuoFertility Device are some other cool gadgets that assist the expecting mother at this special time in her life.

Via: HackADay