Creative Samsung MP3 Player Ads

It is always nice to see some Creative Advertisement, such as these for Samsung MP3 Players, that are necessarily presenting the product, but an idea.

These Samsung ads seen at AdsoftheWorld are very creative and fun as well. What Elvis Presely fan wouldn’t appreciate an Elvis created earphone to listen to their favorite music. At the same time, there are also those that would rather listen to Hip Hop, hence, that individual is also hanging from someone’s ear. Lastly is the Executive, or the one interested in an Opera…and the little earphone is dressed to impress.

The thing is, I think this would be a great accessory for the earphones we already own. Just like people hang jewelry from their cellphones, they would also be able to pronounce their individuality with a little creature hanging from their ear when listening to music. Think about it, kids can have Disney characters, Gamers could have Mortal Kombat Players, and some can have comic book superheros.

Why can’t this be?

Bottom line, ads can also be a cool thing. Two great example are the Celebrity Font Art we have seen before or even the Cool Post It Notes.