Walyou Weekly Post Roundup 1

We have decided to begin a Weekly Roundup here at Walyou. There are so many posts about New Gadgets, Amazing Designs, and Cool Accessories we run across every single day which unfortunately do not make it as a featured post for one reason or another. Still, we do feel that more than a few should be shared with all our readers, hence the Roundup.

Some of these posts are from our friends on the Web, some are through Tips from our readers, and some are accidentally stumbled across during our daily surfing.

We hope you enjoy this collection of various posts from this past week, and if you run across somethings you feel deserve to be in a future Walyou Weekly Roundup or a Featured post, please feel free to send us your personal tips to [email protected].

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The Mystery of the Human Disco Ball
The Mystery of the Human Disco Ball

The Mystery of the Human Disco Ball

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