Weird Pinhole Cameras Themes and Designs

The Following are a few Weird Pinhole Cameras created by a photographer building cameras based on subject he would like to shoot.

Wayne Belger
Wayne Belger

While most photographers attempt to present their artistic skills by the results of their images, Wayne Belger build different Pinhole Cameras that related to the subjects he is planning on shooting. Below are a few of his creations and images made by the use of these Weird Pinhole Cameras.


This specific Pinhole Camera is created with an infant human heart and is used to take photographs of women who are at least 8 months pregnant.


Another Pinhole camera but to be used to take underwater photographs, so it was created with sea creatures and pearls.

The Third Eye

This specific Camera is made of a 150 year old human skull.


Created to specifically photograph Altars placed on the site of accidents.

HIV Camera

The HIV Camera is created with HIV Positive Blood sample running through it and is used to take pictures of patients infected with the virus.

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