How To Make a Christmas Lightbox

If you do not want to buy the same old Christmas lamps and decorations, why not make your own Christmas light box! Andrew Barnes tells us how.

Though the task seems quite daunting, all the materials needed to build the light box are cardboard, a knife, the picture of your favorite Anime star (if that is what you like), cello-tape, a pencil to draw and a little glue. You would just have to write steps on the cardboard and paste the Anime character behind the cardboard. Now, cut out the steps, so that the Anime character gets slit too.  After cutting the cardboard, fold it into steps, and use Thermocol to fold all this into a box and add lights inside. Now you have a lamp with your favorite Anime character beaming at you.

Christmas is a time when many of us try our hands at festival related arts and crafts. If you still would like to build something on your own apart from the lamp, you could try the Christmas Tree for Geeks or you could devise a way to scare someone with the Best Nightmare Before Christmas Gadgets. If you are feeling a little indulgent, you could try the Christmas Ornaments for Geeks. Christmas, we bet, is a great time to not only shop, but to encourage the artisan within you.

Thanks Faisal for the tip.