The Remote Control T-Rex RC Gadget

The Remote Control T-Rex is a great little toy RC Gadget for adults and kids alike.

I just wasn’t into dinosaurs much when I was a kid, but I sure enjoy them now. What better way to spend a couple of minutes in relaxation away from your laptop, than watching a T-Rex nod his head at you.

This RC Gadget toy walks and sounds like the real thing. It even engages in some make-believe havoc that can kill boredom that erupts at any time of day. But wait, there’s more fun to this remote toy than just the dinosaur. The remote is shaped like a fossilized dinosaur bone. Now, that’s genuinely prehistoric!

In case you want to get this baby before Christmas, you still can at the DiscoveryStore for $39.95 – definitely worth it if you missed out on this part of your childhood.

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Source: Toxiferous Designs