Geeky Computer Keyboards Fashion Bags

Would you wear these Geeky Fashion Bags made of Computer Keyboards in Public?

These Fashionable bags from Magazine13 are creative, no one can deny that, but are they actually something to be used when going out shopping. I love different Computer Keyboard art such as the Keyboard Keys Viper and the Computer Keyboard Shoe, but this is not just art anymore. The imagination is well praised, and I take my hat off for the artist João Sabino, but the durability is also questioned.

Are women supposed to walk around with these computer keyboard bags, receive questioning looks from all around and the keys are expected to remain on? I can see lonely and orphaned keyboard keys deserted around since they fell and were noticed gone only when arriving home after an entire shopping extravaganza. Who knows, maybe some wouldn’t want to stick on and actually get away, like the Esc Keyboard Key Escape.