iCap MP3 Player Hat for Geeks

The iCap is definitely a Geek Gadget that may be a practical MP3 Player many would think twoce before wearing as a Hat.

Basically the iCap is a Baseball cap that has a built-in MP3 player and speakers. It includes 1GB internal memory for your musical tunes, speakers under the cap to listen while riding your bike, taking a walk or even going through the daily jog, an FM tuner, and also a MicroSd slot to add additional memory.

By practicality, the iCap seems very convenient. Many wear hats on a daily basis as a fashion trend, bad hair day disguise or even while at work,so having a built-in MP3 players seems nice, but would people actually be caught wearing the iCap?

This Geek Gadget reminds me of the Solar Light Cap by actual practicality, but isn’t even as attractive as another practical hat such as the Guiness Bottle Opener Baseball Cap.

Via: Switched