RFID Enabled Poker Table

You may wonder what is common between RFID tags and Texas Hold’em, for which Andrew Milner has an answer. Andrew has created an RFID enabled poker table which would allow the audience to know exactly where a player’s card is. In a way, the audience can track every move a player makes, thanks to the wireless RFID chips at the bottom of the table and RFID tags on the cards.

The RFID technology is assisted by HD cameras which make the tracking job easier, allowing the audience to predict the players’ move. However, this would definitely kill the surprise as the audience would always know where the player’s card is.

This also means every single move a player makes can be broadcast over the net, which may lead to huge gambling scams. Perhaps, one may need to be wary of certain casinos, if they are found to use these RFID tags. The reason why people gamble is because of its unpredictable nature. If the outcomes are to be known before hand, it would most certainly lead to gambling scams, where individuals may fear of poker cheating.

In case RFID technology isn’t your cup of tea, you would perhaps be interested in the Digital Touchscreen Poker Table or the How To Make a Lie Detector.

If you intend to get this RFID enabled poker table, keep in mind that Andrew spent $7,000 just to build his version. Moreover, you may even risk the wrath of your gambling buddies if they find out what you are up to ‘under the table’ and that could prove costlier than the poker table itself.


Via: Wired