Lego Star Wars Diorama Masterpiece

This Giant Lego Star Wars Diorama is a true masterpiece. The thing is, you do not have to be a Star Wars fan or a Lego fanatic to appreciate the immense work and time that such a Lego Star Wars project deserved.

This beautiful Lego Creation by Mark Borlase of the Star Wars Hoth World is extremely impressive. It took 4 years to create and consists of over 60,000 Lego bricks. In addition, it includes LED’s, Lego footprints and additional extras such as an operational Hangar door and a wonderful award it won.

This may be a completely different Masterpiece than the Star Wars Characters Mods or the Star Wars Gingerbread Creations, it is most impressive and spectacular. It is always wonderful to see fans recreate the wonderful movie series shapes, characters and story in so many different ways. An additional example is the Star wars Steampunk Art.

Via: Gizmodo Via: Brothers Brick