Chocolate iPhone Case Accessory

The Chocolate Style Silicone case is an interesting product to encase your iPhone 3G. This product will definitely appeal to people who drool over cocoa delights and those who are in possession of an iPhone. The case looks amazingly similar to chocolate bars that you find in supermarkets.

In fact, you can easily fool someone into thinking you are carrying a delicious bar of chocolate and nobody would know it’s your precious iPhone 3G inside. The case even feels like chocolate thanks to the silicone used and is soft and luxurious to touch.

If you are not fond of chocolates and still are looking for an interesting iPhone case, you could consider the many cases we have featured earlier. The iPhone Case Accessory Design for the Blind would definitely appeal to those who are visually impaired. If you are into visual impairment products, you would really be interested in the Shiny Metallic iPhone Cases, and the Bacon iPhone Accessory Sleeve would appeal to meat lovers and gross out vegetarians.

People always prefer designs and products that are innovative and those which are far from the mundane. The Chocolate Style Silicone case meant for Apple iPhone 3G looks good and innovative and costs $24.99.

Via: USBFever