Irfanview 4.22 Free Download


Irfanview 4.22 holds a major share when it comes to image editing. Even though it has a simple interface it can equally compete well with industry standard apps like Picasa, ACD See etc. New Irfanview 4.22 download competes well all because its rich features and great functionality. Recently Irfanview 4.22 was released and is available as a free download which is faster and has the same neat simple interface we have grown to love. This new release supports most of the file formats like BMP, DIB, JPEG, GIF, Animated GIF, PNG, PCX, TIFF, TGA and more.

Now available in the new version of Irfanview 4.22 is a thumbnail option, ability to change its toolbar skin, it supports Adobe photoshop filters, file search, printing, and can extract images from file types such as exe and dll, which is an extremely useful option I’ve found.

Their latest Irfanview download version includes the following new features:

Added History list for Random slideshow (“No file repeat” removed)

New multipage images menu: Create Multipage PDF
Option to save changes on exit (Properties->Misc 1, default: OFF)
TIF loading bugs fixed (Thanks to j00ru//vx)
New command line option: /filelist=txtfile; Examples:
New Contact Sheet options: Set custom paper size and units
Options to set start parameters for external editors (see Help file/button)
External editor names are showed in the menu text
New Panorama dialog option: Add space between images
Browsing: if CTRL + number (0-9) pressed, the file index increases by number
New wallpaper menu: Stretched – proportional
New Slideshow dialog option: Remember last file index on exit
New option to show DDS alpha color (Properties->Misc. 1)
Support for WSQ format (Wavelet Scaler Quantization, PlugIn by Steven Venable)
New Thumbnail option: Use full file path for sorting (if subfolders loaded)
New thumbnails tree menu: Load subfolders
New hotkeys: SHIFT + arrows = Move selection rectangle
New hotkeys: SHIFT + N = Create new image; SHIFT + V = Add canvas;
Several PlugIns are changed/updated
Some bugs fixed (SGI loading, crop selection)

You can download the new Irfanview directly from their official server.