Watch Camcorder Gadget for Geeks

The Watch Camcorder Gadget for Geeks is a wonderful multimedia watch which combines a camcorder within a fashionable and functional portable gadget.

This wristwatch can tell time and then some! It is also a music player, image viewer, e-book reader, digital camera, and voice recorder and has video recording capability.

Wow! I’m buffled. This is almost like the all-in-one smartphone. If the people that made these, use some cell phone technology, there might be a new rival for the iPhone right here!

The USB Brando website sells these watches for $129. It might still not be too late to get yourself a New Year present.

The specs on this Multimedia watch include –

1.8″ TFT screen, 160*128 pixel image
MP4 Player + Music Player + Video/Voice Recorder +Digital Camera + Digital Watch + Photo Album + E-book reader + PC Camera, all in one featured product
Built-in 8GB flash memory
Built-in Video Camera – Photo resolution: 640 x 480, Video Resolution: 352 x 288
Built-in speaker
PC Web Camera feature
MP4 watch, support MP4(AVI/3GP) video
Shows time/date and watch design is outstanding
Supports MP3, WMA and MP4(AVI) format, up to 8 hours of music playback
Supports JPEG format, also displays lyrics and picture
High-quality digital record, song circulation function and support several languages
5-equalizer modes: common, popular, rock classic, jazz
E-book browse function
USB 2.0 High Speed transfer
Auto Power Off Function

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Via: Brando