Top Space Invaders Gadgets and Designs

Space Invaders have made a huge comeback, or have these aliens ever left? The classic 80’s game is making a run for its money with many appearances on different Fun Gadgets, Accessories, Clothing Designs and other items that we use and see on a daily basis.

I for one loved the old Space Invaders game, and in fact, Walyou have added it to our Wibiya New Gadget Toolbar for all to be able and revisit those good old days while reading our posts. Below we have gathered the Top Space Invaders Gadgets, Designs and Accessories using the little graphically challenged aliens as the fashionable and branding stamp. Since Space Invaders become so popular, we couldn’t list all of the different products, so feel free to let us know of more in the comments.

Space Invaders Gadget Headphones

These retro headphones are both brightly colorful and have the well-known alien looking straight out while you are listening to your music (or playing the game in today’s modern world).

Space Invaders Gadget Lamps

These Space Invaders lamps actually go by a different name: Space Intruderz. That still doesn’t change the uncanny resemblance and place in our hearts (and bedrooms) for these tiny gadget lamps.

Image: BoingBoing

Space Invaders Wall Decals Design

Decorate your home office, bedroom or game room with Space Invaders in different colors and sizes with these retro designs. They are away to get away from the norm, add some color to your walls and can be found at Amazon.

Image: Geekologie

Space Invaders Gadget Computer Keyboard

A beautiful cool computer keyboard that is retro styled by the use of colors and old classic space invaders video game images on most of the keys. Even if you are not a fan of the old game, this cool keyboard has a great design and is also spillproof.

Space Invaders Bad Design

A cool way to walk around town illustrating your connection to retro and video games. While still fashionable to walk around with, this Space Invaders bad is also presenting the aliens in a colorful and simple design.

Image: UnEasySilence

Space Invaders Rings

Instead of wearing the same jewelry as others. you can have the Geek jewelry of Space Invaders around your fingers to show you have a different kind of thought and opinion…one of a gamer.

Image: Gearlive

Space Invaders Home Gadget Doormat

Invite fellow nostalgic gamers into your home or scare off unworthy visitors with the Space Invaders Doormat. This nice practical home gadget is both of practical use and wonderful lit design to profess your longing for the alien sightings.

Space Invaders Design Glasses

Toast up to the great Gaming innovation and the games that started it all with the Space Invaders Glasses that are perfect to host an 80’2 theme party or even that one drink after a long day at work.

Image: Zedomax

Space Invaders Guitar Strap

Rock out to some 80’s tunes, show off your knowledge of retro video games, or simply look for a different and unique guitar strap that shows the Space Invaders aliens as you headbang.

Space Invaders Design Skateboard

Many gamers will probably prefer skating in video games, but there are a few that still know what old school skateboarding is. For those few, these Space Invaders Skateboards will make a great personal board to be proud and loyal to.

Image: Tendancehightech

Space Invaders Design Belt

A Space Invaders studded belt is definitely what old school is all about. The different colors, shapes and faces of the aliens make this a great fashion gadget for all those who wear their gaming in public. These designer belts also come in different sizes at Amazon.

Space Invaders Kitchen Cutting Board

When we think of Space Invaders, we tend to think of retro, 80’s and cheesy classic video games, but this cutting board has another idea…while in your kitchen, you can still think of the past. Cut up your vegetable, meats, and any other food ingredients on this Limited Edition Space Invaders Cutting Board made from Walnut and Hard Maple.

Space Invaders Design Cufflinks

While it may not make you the center of party, these Space Invaders cufflinks show you have distinct style. They are not flashy but elegant and sophisticated. Perfect combo for a classic gamer.

Image: Etsy’s

Space Invaders Design Shoes

Just like the bag design and ring design of Space Invaders, here come the comfortable slip on shoes with the aliens stamped all over. In addition, they are not too bright to catch too much attention but simple black and white.

Image: CraziestGadgets

Space Invaders Home Gadget Arcade

A retro tabletop arcade table for your home that plays both Space Invaders and Pacman…need I say more?

Image: GadgetsIreland

Space Invaders Tile Design

Use it as a patio table or even a living room coffee table, this tiled Space Invaders Design will make a great addition to your home in a way no one can take away from you.

Space Invaders Alarm Clock Gadget

What a better way to wake up than to the sounds of the amazing Space Invaders game sounds? It may still be somewhat annoying, but not half as bad as our regular alarm clocks.

Image: Gizmodo

Space Invaders Design Beanie

The Winter is here and instead of wearing the trendy beanies we see everywhere, you can have a unique one with the Space Invaders Beanie. It also has some earflaps to make sure your ears stay warm…not just your head.

Image: GeekAlerts

Space Invaders Design Stitch

What would you mom say if you offered to get the table ready for the family dinner? She would be happy of course, but would she accept a Space Invaders stitch as the tablecloth? It is the thought that counts.

Space Invaders Fun Gadget

Would you like to have the Space Invaders with you at all time? You could have this cool and portable fun gadget game handy on all family trips and even take it to the office, so you can always be on top of your game and beat the high score.

Image: Amazon

Space Invaders Gadget Tumblers

While playinbg the video games until dawn, these Space Invaders Tumblers can accompany you and showing where it all began. The little nifty tumblers are branded with the aliens and still have a practical daily use in and out of your home.

Space Invaders Cellphone Jewelry Gadget

Cellphone jewelry has become a fashion trend, but it doesn’t mean you have to be too modern. With these Space Invaders straps, you could use your modern cellphone with 80’s style.

Image: OneInchPunch

Space Invaders Design Lego Buckle

This Space Invaders Lego belt buckle is actually a DIY project that may not be as colorful as the studded belt, bit is still a way to show the love. In fact, the buckle and its size will make sure to get people to turn their heads.

Space Invaders Fridge Magnets

A cool way to post notes, photos and other to do items right on your fridge…showing your kids where you came from. A wonderful and simple Space Invaders Gadget that will always be within eyesight.

Image: Technabob