Bluetooth Enabled Handset Phone

This Retro handset is ancient only in looks, but is Bluetooth enabled phone and is one of the coolest handsets you could lay your unholy hands on. What makes the handset really cool is that you will never have to fight with those annoying cords that always get entangled.

The product is apparently an original design by the guys at ThinkGeek and you wouldn’t be able to find this anywhere else on the planet. The handset could be charged through USB connection and you could use it to make and receive calls. The handset has a range of 30 feet and is compatible with Bluetooth 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2. You would just perhaps need to sync the handset with your cellphone via Bluetooth.

The LG Prada II KF900 and Matching Bluetooth Watch would be something that may perhaps be interested in. If such weird designs are not for you, you can check out the neoKLASSIC Cellphone Concept. Last but not the least is the Grass Cellphone Design which is a unique concept that is as wacky as the Retro Bluetooth Enabled Handset.

I am still amused by the occurrence of the blue LED light on the handset which apparently is an indicator for function mode. The Retro Bluetooth Enabled Cellphone comes with the USB cable and instructions. The kit costs $29.99 at, which is a great price anyway.