Best of Walyou Posts 2008

Happy New Year from Walyou! 2009 is finally arriving and with it, a brand new year of Walyou posts about New Gadgets, Geeky Designs, Hi Tech News, and a whole lot of Fun Stuff to share with all our readers. 2008 was an amazing year with a lot of Fun Gadgets, Cool Stuff, and a whole lot of good times. We have made amazing new friends, learned so much more of the Innovative Tech World and are simply looking forward to another beautiful year.

To begin 2009, we wanted to provide you a Post Wrap-up of all the Best Walyou posts from 2008. If you followed us and seen them, maybe they are interesting enough to revisit; if you haven’t had the chance to read them yet, perhaps you will find some new fun stuff.

1. 11 Bizarre Gadgets You Don’t Want Your Mom to See – 11 Cool Weird Gadgets Collection.

2. 14 Cool Computer Keyboards for Geeks – A list of 14 Geeky Computer Keyboards that are both cool and bizarre.

3. 34 Geeky Pumpkin Faces – A collection of 34 Geeky Pumpkin Faces Carvings including Video Games, Browsers, Robots and more.


4. The Math Clock for Geeks – A Wall Clock that has Math Equations as the Hours.

5. Tree Ascii Curtain for Geeks – A cool Curtain Design made of Ascii Art.

6. Make Your Own Covert Spyglasses – A Tutorial to make Spy Sunglasses.

7. Worldwide Places Hit by the Blue Screen of Death – Many different Blue Screen of Death images and encounters.

8. 5 Fun and Easy to use Face Generators – 5 Cool and free face Generators for everyone.

9. 4 Dead Celebrities Font Art Pieces – Dead Celebrities Art that is made of Font Art.

10. 16 Cool Computer Speakers for your Portables and Home Stereo – A collection of Cool Computer Speakers that are odd and amazing.

11. Fake Car Stereo will Deter Thieves – A cool car stereo project that hides your stereo.

12. Virtual Plasma Crosswalks Will Protect Pedestrians – A Virtual Plasma concept in hopes of reducing pedestrian accidents.

13. Top 10 Computer and Office Pranks to do on April Fools – April Fools list of pranks for computer and office use.

14. Cool Spy Gadgets for the James Bond within You – A collection of Cool Spy Gadgets including many geeky gadgets.

15. Electrical Circuits in Contact Lenses – Will we have electrics in our contact lenses in the future?

16. Geeky Christmas Trees – Many different Geeky Christmas Trees to that would make any Geek proud.

17. DNA Model Art Projects – Cool art portraits made based on your individual DNA.

18. 11 Cool Segway Scooter Concepts and Designs – Segway Scooter Designs that have been or will be made.

19. Victorian Era Steampunk Mouse Mod is Remarkable – A cool Mouse Mod that is created as Steampunk Art.

20. Black Friday Craziness – Cool Black Friday Sales, Jokes and Images in reference to the Crazy Black Friday.

21. Light Meters React to the Highway Traffic – Fun Light project that changes based on adjacent highway.

22. Alligator Shell is Probably One of the Best Shells for Xbox 360 – Cool Xbox 360 Mod that has an Alligator Skin shell.

23. How to Make Facebook Profile Picture Bigger – A way to make a Facebook profile picture image larger to help you recognize a profile.

24. Top Halloween Craft Projects and DIY – Cool Halloween Crafts to make as great Halloween Decorations.

25. Text Messages Art: SMS Conversations – Embroidered art of Text messages.

26. Man Made Robot is Cleaning Up the Streets – A cool vigilante robot that roams a local neighborhood.

27. Roboporter Carries Your Luggage for You – A robot at the airport to carry your travel luggage for you.

28. 16 Coolest Star Wars Characters in Gadgets and Mods – Cool Star Wars Characters of new gadgets and cool designs.

29. Top PC Computer Case Mods – Great PC case mods that are simply amazing.

30. How to Unlock the iPhone 3G with a Sim Adapter – Learn how to unlock your iPhoen 3G using a Sim Adapter.

31. 10 Nintendo Art Figures for NES Mike Tyson’s Punchout – Cool Nintendo Art of Mike Tyson’s Punchout Characters.

32. Do It Yourself Laser Home Security – Learn how to make your own laser home security.

33. A Giant Volume Meter May Be Society’s Only Hope – Giant Volume Meter in Argentina which changes based on surrounding noise.

34. Make Art Portraits From Your Fingerprints – Cool Art designs made from your individual fingerprints.

35. Lisa the Perfect Woman Robot: Real Or Fake? – Is this the perfect woman? is it really a robot?

36. Slot Car Racing on Vinyl Records – Slot Cars driving on vinyl records making their own version of music.

37. The Army Sponsored Miniature Bat Plane would Make Batman Proud – Innovative Mini Batplane with many Hi Tech features and abilities.

38. Geeky Christmas Ornaments Collection – Large collection of geeky Christmas ornaments that will make every Geek happy.

39. Top 14 Amazing and Futuristic Cellphones Designs – Awesome Innovative Cellphone Designs that may or may not see the light of day.

40. Top Space Invaders Gadgets and Designs presents a collection of 25 different Space Invaders creations that are sure to make you revisit the retro past.

41. The Best of Walyou 2007 – Last year’s collection of Walyou’s Best of Posts.