Silence Wireless Alarm Clock

Silence is an alarm that can wake you up without making a sound or perhaps it is a silent alarm clock.

Here’s how it works: Johan Brengesjo’s Silence is the answer for anyone who dislikes waking up to noise every morning. Silence can wake you up without sound – imagine that. In fact, you can snooze by just moving your hands. Sounds sort of like the clap-it lights that go on and off as clap, doesn’t it?

Some of the features on Silence includes transparent display, dual function (for two users), micro thumb rings, and wireless interaction interface. The alarm clock makes use of a wireless rubber ring with a built in vibration device that is worn on a finger. Hence, the light and snooze functions are activated by shaking your hands. Neat idea, and a revolutionary way to wake up to silence in the morning.

Two other alternatives to sound alarms are the Glowing Pillow Alarm Clock and the  Sleeptracker wristwatch.

Source: Hometone