Stitch Humidifier USB Gadget

Stitch has always been an odd looking Disney Character, but at least with this USB Gadget Humidifier, its look is fitting and worthy of desktop space.

This Desktop Humidifier is USB powered and is perfectly modeled after the bizarre Disney character Stitch. Not saying muchy more, Stitch is kind of like a perfect use, with its big mouth and large teeth. Since not many would consider getting a USB humidifier for their desktop, this one grants an additional excuse, for now you can have a colorful monster next to you.

Other smoke gadgets we have seen that could be seen cute are the Gorilla Robot Ashtray and the Air Purifier Penguin. If you would rather have the practicalty without commercialization, you can also learn Build a USB Smoke Absorber.

Via: Akihabara