Geeky Lego Lamp Gadget

Tzuwei Tai has designed desk lamps inspired by LEGO building blocks. Now, LEGO inspired gadgets and models are nothing new and we have seen many till now. The Lego Lamp consists of giant illuminated blocks that remind me of the cubist movement during the modern era in the early 20th century. Tzuwei Tai was also inspired by Tokujin Yoshioka’s Tofu lamp along with the Lego building blocks.

The unique feature of this lamp is that you could decide how your lamp looks. If you want the lamp to look like a tombstone or a Greek pillar, you could very well do that by stacking a bunch of blocks and illuminating them. The result could be something magical. In fact, the beauty of this lamp depends on your creativity and how well you place the blocks before illuminating them.

If you are wondering what else you could do with Lego blocks while you are at it, you could consider the Nite Owlship or the Bluetooth Dongle and Webcam Recreated as a Lego Brick. If you would still want to stick to a lamp based on Lego building blocks, you can of course try the Lego LED Lamps which are colorful and vibrant.

Lego is a versatile and exciting way to create new designs and one would never know what might result after a wave of creative energy hits you. Coming back to the Lego Lamp designed by Taiwanese designer Tzuwei Tai, we can philosophically say that the lamp represents the unlimited possibilities in life through which we can illuminate our lives.

Via: DesignZen