How To Unlock iPhone 3G with Yellowsn0w

Would you like to learn how to officially Unlock your iPhone 3G to use a Sim card of your choice?

We have all loved the aesthetically appealing iPhone 3G but hated the fact that we had to stick to a single network provider. It isn’t a nice thing to give up your number and shift to another service just to use a cellphone. Well, the iPhone development blog has announced how one could go ahead and unlock the iPhone 3G. They have launched the 0.9.1 beta yellowsn0w 3G unlock application which would allow you to unlock the iPhone 3G with a SIM of your choice. Here is what you would need to do for the unlocking.

1. Before beginning the iPhone 3G unlocking process, you would need to install the 2.2 firmware.

2. Now you would need to jailbreak your iPhone by downloading quickpwn

3. Connect your iPhone 3G to quickpwn in order to modify.

4. Run through the quickpwn process and make it ready to be used on iPhone 3G.

5. Install Yellowsn0w released by the iPhone Dev Team by either choosing Cydia or Installer.

6. Now run yellowsn0w.

7. Now you are very close to unlocking your iPhone 3G with a SIM of your choice. So switch off the phone and insert the SIM.

8. Now your iPhone 3G is unlocked after switching it on and ready to use the Sim you selected.

However, many people have reported that the unlocking doesn’t happen and only about 34% of those who tried reported any success. So, make sure you are well prepared for the results and do not be aghast if something went wrong. This we say, because it is still in beta stage.

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