How To Make a Plunger Lamp

Who could imagine that one could build a beautiful lamp using a toilet plunger! Well, if you can’t believe it, we shall show you how to build the unique Toilet Plunger Lamp which is not only luminous but also beautiful and elegant. All you would need to build your own toilet plunger lamp is a plunger, a lamp cord and a socket, a zip tie and a Dremel which comes with a small drill. Now you would need to drill a hole on the plunger, unscrew and insert the lamp cord and install the plunger on the table.

Once you have reached his stage, you would need to see where you could fit the socket and then secure the lamp socket to the cord you just inserted in the hole. You wouldn’t want your lamp to start steaming would you? Hence you would need to make holes for the heat to escape. Once that is done, you can secure the cord which is inserted into the plunger and voila!, you will have your own gleaming and glowing Toilet Plunger Lamp. You could use the lamp to usher in the New Year or just use it as a decorative piece.

If you are not satisfied with just building a Toilet Plunger Lamp, you might want to try How to Make a Lightbox. If you find regular lamps like these artless, you could go a step further and try the Electric Origami which could be built by you too, easily. Nevertheless, the Toilet Plunger Lamp is definitely a DIY masterpiece which one must really try building to savor the luminous atmosphere.

Via: Instructibles