Moonlight Glowing Orbs Lamps

The Moonlight Glowing Orb Lamps provide a gentle glow of light in any environment.

This looks really neat, and I can think of so many settings to use this orb light – to improve the ambiance for a romantic dinner, or just to get a feel for the moon on a cloudy wintry night. These glowing orbs are actually half-orbs that are similar to the glowing speakers in the Computer Speakers collection.

These orb-lights, made from polyethylene spheres are great for outdoor and indoor use.. In fact, it would make a great addition to your swimming pool as you watch it float by - great way to relax.

The bad part is these orbs aren’t made cheap; they can run you anywhere from $325 – $1000. They are guaranteed to illuminate even when the moon is not out – that is if they’re batteries are running!

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Source: Neatorama