Ski Simulator for your Home

The Ski Simulator for your Home provides a simulated skiing experiencing in your living room and it also functions as a get-fit machine.

This might be the right ski device for those of us who are really terrible on skis. In a home environment, simulated skiing may be the answer to learning how to ski without breaking any bones.

I’ve always loved skiing,  but was never any good at it. Hence, this is a great compromise, particularly if you don’t want to wait on long lines in front of ski slopes at resorts. Ski in the comfort of your home! With technology like this, you might be able to bring just about any outdoor entertainment into your living room.

This device will cost you a whopping $2200, and it comes with the Ski game Alpin Ski Racing 2007 and ski sticks as well.

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Source: GadgetHeat