Bluetooth Cellphone Gaming Gadget

The Bluetooth Cellphone Gaming Gadget is a great way of transforming your regular Bluetooth Cellphone into a gamepad for easier gameplay.

There have been cool gadgets made for Cellphone Gaming before. One that I immediately recall was the Wireless Cellphone Joystick by Zeemote. That was a really cool device that allows a thumb used joystick for the games, but this new cellphone gadget seems a tad more practical.

With this new gadget, the BGP100 Bluettoth Gamepad, kind of got all the bases covered. It has rubber slides that will attach to your cellphone, so you can adjust it to fit both the contour of your cellphone and hand size. Moreover, it provides more than just a few buttons and conveniently shaped like a simple gaming controller.

This new gaming device could make your commuting and doctor appointment waiting times a lot more pleasureable and fun.

Via: RedFerret