Creative Singers Ad: Bose Sound System Designs

Bose has produced some great new Sound System Ads designs with famous celebrity singers such as: Jim Morrison, Madonna, Elvis Presley and also Kishore.

These specific Bose Designs seen at AdsoftheWorld draw up the different singers completely out of different Bose Sound System products and accessories. It may be a concept that has been done before with different products (or ideas) such as the Celebrity Font Art recreating famous celebrity portraits out of fonts, Jay Z Brooklyn Go Hard Video with an entire music video created of the word “Brooklyn” and now Madonna in a whole new way.

The selection of singers to use is also pretty cool: Elvis Presley is still the king and was also used as an inspiration in the Samsung MP3 Players Ad, Jim Morrison will definitely appeal to another fanbase, Madonna has her own appeal and nature, and Kirshore combines a completely different area with Bollywood.