Xbox 360 Mod of a Gaming Room

We all want a specific gaming room for our favorite console, and this fan made a beautiful Xbox 360 Mod gaming room that may be a little overdoing it.

I understand an Xbox 360 gameroom should be modded to make sure the time and gameplay is good and comfortable. I also understand that a ‘cool’ factor needs to be added to these room mods to make them more appealing, but making actual Xbox logos and circles to accompany the room. Now that sounds a little obsessive.

Seen at Unique Daily, this Xbox 360 fan is definitely proud of his game room. Besides adding the great video game console and a bigger TV, the look and style may be something that could be seen at the Xbox headquarters. As he shows us this wonderful gaming room, you see the logo, color, and theme of the Xbox all the way down to the color of the sofa cushions. I can say that goes way beyond simple gameplay.

Still, I cannot really say the job he did is not wonderful. I may not be a die hard Xbox fan, but this gaming room mod is marvelous nonetheless. The actual result is beautifully done, similar to the clean result of the Xbox 360 Car, the Gears of War Xbox Mod, and also the Xbox Shell Mod with Alligator Skin.