3D Electric Switch Design

If you are the kind of person who goes nuts about all things 3D, then you would surely love the 3D Electric Switch Design offered by DesignGlut. These switches add elegance, visual stimulation and load of fun to your otherwise plain walls. In fact, these switchplates are almost illusory in nature, tricking your eyes to see things that aren’t exactly real. Perhaps you would never have to deal with boring light switches anymore thanks to the glowing cubic switchplates.

However, these switchboards are meant for the US standards and may not fit the standards of Britain or elsewhere. Design Glut has been kind enough to think of those who do not require light switches and these cubic switchboards are available for plain power outlets too. At just $8, these switchboards are a steal. The cubic shaped 3D Electric Plug and Switchplates are elegant, affordable and come in vibrant colors.

If the 3D Cubic Switchplates are not your thing, you could try the Book Light Night Lamp which is a unique concept too, and book lovers would definitely love it. Another interesting product related to electric boards and lamps is the LED Blow On Off Candle Lamp which works and looks like a candle, but runs on electricity instead of wax. If you are tired of the surrealism behind 3D switchboards and the simplicity of the Book Light and Blow On Off Candle lamp, you could break the monotony by trying the Elephant Lamp, which is definitely off the track.

Via: TechDigest