USB Flash Drive Coins

Not only are these USB Flash Drive Coins extremely convenient, they are designed beautifully and elegantly.

There are many different USB Gadgets and flash drives to choose from, but these coin sized (shaped) ones are pretty damn cool. Small enough to fit in you pocket, on a keychain and really not take up extra space, these gadgets are great disk on keys.

We have seen some wonderful flash drive creation before, such as: the Custom Wood Drives, the Han Solo Carbonite Flash Drive, and also the Sushi Combination USB Gadgets among so many others. Still, these coin drives look really appealing to own.

Via: GearCrave

7 thoughts on “USB Flash Drive Coins

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  2. khaiad.

    hallo .i am khaied of express system company in saudi arabai . i want thas flish lika coin iwant 2000 how mutch and how many tima make and thankyou

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