Donut Kitchen Gadget

Kitchen gadgets are definitely evolving for the better. The Peanut butter maker candidly highlighted this fact as the pleasure of enjoying chemical-free and natural peanut butter has no parallel. DOUGH-NU-MATIC is another value addition in your kitchen space that slides out piping hot cute little donuts. The mini donut factory takes care of the entire process, right from forming donuts to frying in as much as 60 seconds.

The only exercise you would be left with is icing or garnishing with your favorite fruit essence. I never thought enjoying fresh hot donuts could get so easy. The inventor has accommodated a safety lid to keep your hands off the hot oil. You are relieved of the stirring work as the Stainless steel automatic spatulas do the needful. For $130, the donut bliss is definitely a steal.

Another great fun kitchen gadget that is a lot of fun is the Microwave Smores Maker.

Via PerpetualKid