How To Generate A Fun Who Wants To Be a Millionaire Question

I love to use different fun generators, and a Who Wants To Be a Millionaire one is a great one to prank your friends, have a quick and easy laugh, and simply give yourself more credit than you may deserve.

Who Wants To Be a Millionaire was so popular, so it is no doubt that if you can create the question and answers yourself, it would be easy to raise a few eyebrows. This fun generator allows you to do just that with a true screenshot from the show. It is just as easy as the Free Face Generators and the Manga Face Generator but may be able to get you a few more points in some people’s eyes.

You can create your own Who Wants To Be a Millionaire question through this link. Even though it is in French, it is pretty self-explanatory: you type in a question at the first text box provided and four answers of your choice. After that, you can both preview the question with the provided screenshot and get that quick giggle.

As an example, we asked what is the most popular Gadgets Category at Walyou, and it looks like they are all the right answer.

Have fun!

Via: Neatorama